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Walking between the Waves

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The meeting of the Sun and Venus in Gemini comes to perfection this evening June 3rd at 19.00 BST, with the message of listening to our hearts and increasing the power of the divine feminine. In terms of astronomy it represents a turning point as Venus ‘disappears’ for two weeks and then reappears around June 10th as a morning star, the female warrior energy.

The Venusian energy is very strong right now as we also happen to be in the middle of a Venus retrograde cycle, a time when our hearts are touched and we gain clarity on relationships. As in the myth Inanna makes her descent into the underworld to meet her shadow reflection Ereshkigal, as a part of her must die allowing a new version of herself to emerge.

This Sun-Venus combination happens in butterfly light Gemini, making an exact conjunction to Venus in Kayleigh McEnany’s chart and this sassy, smart US press secretary has been fielding questions from the press in a highly professional, prepared manner recently. With the Sun and Mercury in brisk Aries she has a warrior Amazon like quality, along with a robustness and power not to be underestimated. Interesting how her surname McEnany resonates with Inanna. One could imagine that we are stepping into a Star Trek movie with Kayleigh as the ‘Golden Goddess of the Starship Enterprise’.

The collective energy is heightened leading up the full moon eclipse this Friday 5th at 19.26 and we are invited to place our focus on rational communication, clarity and connection, releasing a fiery reactiveness and high-horse, fundamentalist duality that could possibly arise out this Sagittarius / Gemini polarity.

Mars at 15 Pisces forms an exact square to the lunar eclipse, bringing in the anger, strength of feeling and desire to protest that we have been witnessing over these few days. Pisces is a sign of the collective and whatever emotions arise for us personally wherever we are in the world point to what is arising out of our unconscious and what we may need to release. Mars in Pisces can be about fighting back as a result of feelings of victimization or perhaps for some of us acting from confusion or misunderstanding.

In terms of colour, Mars in Pisces is red combined with turquoise – a Red Sea representing the anger that arises from the collective unconscious. And yet Moses dares and insists on walking between the waves as a way of freeing the Israelites from slavery. Reality in this time and space may not have been so light and magical but he achieved it even in the current consciousness.

Here are Korani and Melissie Jolly’s words for the colour combination of red and turquoise:

“With this combination we may be feeling victimized and be blaming others for our situation. When we are in resistance or conflict we need to be aware that our anger wants to move us forward but our insistence on staying in blame keeps us stuck. We may be unwilling or unable to trust because our faith has been misplaced. Perhaps we are holding on to a belief that somehow because we trusted and then became a ‘victim’ anyway, we can no longer trust or have faith.”

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