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Walking between the Worlds - an Astrological Interpretation of the Upham Crop Circle 18th July 2021

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The crop circles that appear in south west UK always amaze and fascinate me and I feel that as well as anchoring high frequency energy onto the Earth, crop circles surely have a message for humanity broadcast through their design and features.

This striking crop circle appeared in Upham, near Winchester in Hampshire. As a friend pointed out the most direct representation this crop circle makes is the letter Q, with the formation reflecting the way you write the letter.

As a circle with 12 segments it also looks like some kind of timepiece, so making a natural reference to Astrology. Inspired by some initial decoding with a group of Astrologers, here is my Astrological interpretation of the time the crop circle appeared.

It was reported on the 18th July 2021, so we could assume it appeared during the early hours that morning. The small section at the bottom suggests a conjunction or meeting of two planets and at the time the crop circle appeared the passionate, fiery connection of Venus and Mars was still within orb, igniting the connection between the divine feminine and divine masculine energies. We have a sense now that the divine masculine is beginning to step up and rise to our collective challenge. In spirited Leo I also see this conjunction as being an invitation to radiate our light and step into our sovereignty and empowerment.

During this period of time the Venus Mars conjunction was making a connection to Ceres, the dwarf planet that represents the energy of the Great Mother and goddess of the grain. Ceres is about nourishment and what feeds us and the word ‘cereal’ derives from the name of this goddess. Placed in earthy Taurus, Ceres is showing us the way towards natural health and to trust and honor our body as the sacred vessel for our soul.

Setting the chart for 1 or 1.30 am puts Ceres close to the Ascendant of the chart and we could interpret this as being ‘on the Ascendancy’ or ‘rising’. Collective events will inevitably lead us towards greater wisdom around true nourishment and how to care for our body and our health. Our Earth Mother Gaia is ascending and taking us with her.

Pluto has been at 25 degrees of Capricorn all month, making an awkward connection to the shining Leo duo and cramping our collective style. Around 1 or 1.30 am it would be placed on the Midheaven or crown (corona) of the chart. This reflects the energy of the collective shadow that is becoming more apparent and alarming, expressed through judgement and misplaced coercion and control by those who are attempting to clamp down on us. And yet this collective shadow has to rear its head and show itself in order to be transmuted and released. We have to see this energy in plain sight, so we can recognize this attempt to manipulate our divine rights and assert what we are no longer willing to accept.

Interestingly both Ceres and Pluto feature in the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, where Hades (Pluto) erupts from the underworld and seduces Persephone, the beloved daughter of Demeter (Ceres). The name Demeter contains the Greek word for mother ‘meter’. On the day of the appearance of this crop circle the opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn became exact, a clear reference to the mothering, nurturing energy within us having to confront the forces of manipulation and control. We are being called to protect the innocence and physical and spiritual integrity of the children of the world.

Demeter’s grief causes the earth to die, for crops to fail and famine to come upon the land. Zeus intervenes and commands Hades to return Persephone. Reluctant to release her, Hades coerces the naïve Persephone into eating six of the twelve pomegranate seeds, the food of the dead.

Because she has eaten some pomegranate seeds - even if this was done in all innocence and with the best of intentions - Persephone has made her choice. However, through her devotion and love for her daughter, Demeter manages to negotiate a better outcome for her and it is agreed Persephone will share her time between the two worlds. She might have enjoyed an immortal existence with her mother on Mount Olympus but instead becomes the central figure in a new cycle of life and death and spends six months out of twelve in the underworld.

Making the connection between this myth and the current Astrology we have Ceres in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, both tough earth signs, bringing humanity face-to-face with a hard reality check. However, it could be that drawing on the abundant gifts of Ceres in Taurus could mitigate the fallout for some. Spending time in nature, healthy nourishment, being grounded, touch and human connection, healing and light activations, along with detailed nutritional protocols could all play a part.

The harmonious, productive connection in earth signs made by Ceres and Pluto is about keeping life simple and focusing on the essentials, making sure our basic needs are met. We are having to journey deep into ourselves at this time, to transmute our fear, anxiety and grief and to move forward with realism, practicality and resilience. The higher vibrational energies and spiritual support are there for us to draw on, enabling us to walk between the worlds with ease and grace.

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