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Walking Between Two Worlds

We’re in that in-between state, walking between two worlds. And here is the goddess Hekate to accompany us, the Greek goddess of crossroads and the not yet manifest.

Tonight’s New Moon in Libra at 21.55 UK time comes just a couple of days after the Autumn Equinox and encourages us to come to a place of balance, beauty and connection. The scales are gently tipping and the more we can hold our focus on what we would like to create, the quicker our planetary and personal shifts can happen. We see - and feel - it all and yet we stay in a neutral space. Re-balancing and re-aligning, coming back to our own energy, away from hypnotic media hype.

Tomorrow on Monday 26th at 21.33 the Sun in Libra perfects an opposition to Jupiter’s interception of the revolutionary Uranus Saturn square, forming a configuration like a bow and arrow as we set our sights on where we’re heading. And very auspiciously Jupiter is closer to the Earth than it’s been for 59 years and 3 of its 4 Moons will be visible.

Jupiter could help to bring resolution of the Saturn Uranus conflict, this clash of titan energies: past versus future, control versus freedom, individual sovereign rights versus the overreach of the state. With 6 planets in retrograde we may feel we are venturing into stranger and stranger territory and our task is to bring ourselves back to peace and flow.

Jupiter in Aries is the warrior and encourages us to take that leap of faith and start creating our brave new world.

While no longer exact, the Saturn Uranus square is particularly strong between September 15th and October 24th with early October at its height and then its influence will start to wane. It may be accompanied by quantum leaps and changes which could be reflected in our financial systems and sense of security (though Uranus will be travelling through Taurus until 2026).

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