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Weaving our Magic

Over the last couple of years, I’ve often wondered what it would it take for people to wake up from the spell, the ‘mass hypnosis’ that has held so many captive.

It could be that the root is about facing up to and integrating fear. Fear was what compelled people into behaving in such irrational ways. Fear is also what has stopped many people from seeing the full truth. I remember someone saying to me: ‘stop spreading fear’. And I remember thinking…I don’t intend to spread fear…I’m not really feeling fear…but realizing that fear may come up for the person receiving the information and may in fact prevent them from paying attention.

Over this weekend the planet Neptune has been stationary, and it turns direct tomorrow morning on the 5th December. While stationary the influence of a planet is intensified so we can expect to feel Neptunian energy strongly. Maybe some disappointment comes up, or some confusion, a sense of being in limbo.

Or we may feel magical enchantment and that our lives are guided. There could be some kind of return or reunion. Collectively the mists could be clearing, as we emerge bleary-eyed out of misunderstanding and confusion.

Someone used the evocative phrase ‘enchanted fears’ recently and I feel this offers a solution as well as understanding how the spell has come about. Years ago, I worked as a storyteller in a school called the ‘Merlin School’ and loved how the world of Fairytales took the children into another world, allowing their imagination and spirit to roam free away from the more regimented constraints of school and learning.

And then over the last year or so I’ve been teaching various workshop series on the Asteroid Goddesses and Dwarf Planets and realizing how an understanding of the Mythology and Astrology of these higher dimensional energies allows us to expand our consciousness, opening up new worlds and possibilities.

Connecting with Myth or stepping into the Fairytale can also help us to be brave. It can inspire us to embody the role of the hero or heroine - who despite all the odds manages to overcome whatever challenges or obstacles that are placed in our path. It can also help us to understand how ‘bad things happen’, that there may be lessons that need to be learned and integrated.

Neptunian energy is very soft and sweet, and we can draw on this energy when much that is going on around us can seem the opposite. And as we all know the opposite of fear is LOVE, so this is where we can place our focus while weaving our magic.

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