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Wising and Waking Up

The battle lines are drawn in a war on consciousness and collectively we’re faced with a choice between having a weird, dystopian reality imposed on us or creating our own new utopia. Today’s tough conjunction between the Sun and Saturn is hopefully resulting in some buyer’s regret as the maxim of ‘be careful of what you wish for’ is never truer.

We’re treading a fine line between facing up to our collective predicament while still keeping our vibration high and maintaining our faith. Hope and the promise of radical change starts to become more apparent by the 26th January with a stand-off between the Sun and sky god Uranus. Between the 26th and the 29th the rally call of freedom and sovereignty will be heard with a shiny, fired up Full Moon in Leo forming a T-square with the Sun, Saturn, ebullient Jupiter and the awakening energy of Mars and Uranus. This doorway of time provides an opportunity to shine our light and our love and visualize and communicate the collective awakening. This may be just what we need to flick the switch of collective consciousness.

This Full Moon on the 28th January 19.16 GMT particularly highlights Los Angeles using solar maps with the charged Mars Uranus and the Venus Pluto lines converging here. Unexpected revelations and dramatic developments and exploding the illusion of tainted glamour are all possible expressions. Now that the Neptune square to the nodal axis is gradually dissolving after the exact meeting on the 6th January most of us are becoming wiser to appearances and attempts to sway public opinion and hopefully clarity will start to replace the collective confusion.

Mercury in Aquarius is stationary on the 31st January then turns retrograde. This is likely to result in shifts of opinion, reversals or even cut outs in communication. From this day and during the first half of February we have five planets in Aquarius – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn – and this could result in some swift, clean action that clears the decks. The boot is on the other foot now and leading up to this time events could result in surprise, shock even excitement.

We could also be in for a bit of a bumpy ride and drawing on the spiritual beauty of the conjunction between Neptune and Ceres in Pisces may help soften the energy, bringing a welcome gentleness and inner peace, as long as we don’t lose ourselves in spiritual by-passing and delusion. The spiritual lesson during this interval of time is that no one can do this for us. Instead of projecting our hopes on to a particular ‘saviour’ or leader however extraordinary they may have shown themselves to be, each of us individually has to reclaim our sovereignty and our own power – even if we know in our hearts what will surely come to pass.

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