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A Quiver Full of Arrows

Today the Sun moves into Sagittarius, sign of divine truth and wisdom, and we can look forward to the lunar eclipse on 30th November at 9.29 UK at 8 Sagittarius / Gemini, a turning point in terms of information, communication and truth. Neptune, planet of mystery and illusion, turns direct the same day, pointing to a lifting of the veil and increased clarity on a collective level. Mercury in Scorpio is also now out of shadow retrograde, pointing to on-going detective work and sharpening our powers of perception and insight.

The Sabian symbol or image for the Sun at the eclipse is ‘a mother leads her child step by step up the stairs’, a time to guide others with patience and care. The Sabian symbol for the Moon is a ‘quiver full of arrows’, symbolic of abundant evidence, choices and directions. Our challenge is to focus on an elevated perspective and hold the overarching vision for our collective and personal future. This time is about uniting under the banner of divine truth with the one-pointed focus of Sagittarius rather than remaining trapped in the duality of Gemini. Another shift today is that Venus moves into Scorpio, awakening passionate feelings and ecstasy over the next few weeks, encouraging us to dive deep into our heartfelt desires.

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