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Alchemising our own Inner Magic

We can resource ourselves with music, meditation and creativity during the lead-in to the high energy spring equinox next Saturday 20th March. Tomorrow morning at 10.21 GMT we have the New Moon at 23 Pisces, marking the end of a cycle and bringing a peaceful, contemplative energy. The combination of Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune huddled up close in Pisces brings a strong sense of shared experience, divine love and spiritual beauty. Working with energy can be particularly powerful now by alchemizing our own inner magic, focusing on miracles and lifting the collective frequency.

The Piscean energy can lead to some overwhelm, sadness or confusion and at times we may feel drawn to go within for support and inspiration. The antidote is to let go, to release outdated beliefs about ourselves and what we have imagined the world to be while recreating a new way of being. This is a time of forgiveness and allowing our feelings to flow as we bear witness to what is happening.

The image or Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is: “a tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean, but its happy inhabitants have created a world all of their own”. We are being encouraged that the way to find happiness is to create the world we want through connections with like spirited people in our own beautiful bubble.

Mercury also moves into Pisces on the 16th and we can re-imagine our life and dream it into being. This is about building our spiritual connection to source and trusting our own inner guidance.

We have a feisty energy bursting on the scene next weekend at the spring equinox. The Sun moves into Aries on the 20thand Venus the day after and this fires the ignition and brings a heightened turning point. Soon after this time voices that have been silenced may make a re-emergence in the world arena, roaring with renewed vigor. The relatively ineffectual energy of current Piscean time may be replaced with something more energized, empowered and dynamic.

While we may choose to surrender and withdraw from certain battles on a personal level we can be sure that overall Love has Won.

This turquoise and silver bottle from the Colour Mirrors system is called New Dawn and here are Melissie Jolly’s words.

“The silver fraction in this bottle carries a very clear, high vibration and shines its light on anything in your life that has a lower vibration, helping you to see it clearly and transform it. The turquoise softens and opens your heart and leads you into the energy of Aquarius, which is about global awareness and a sense of oneness. This bottle radiates crystalline clarity, purity and simplicity. It takes you into a space of no thoughts, no limits and no baggage, where all your struggles and dramas can be accepted, dissolved and transmuted. If this is your bottle, you may have come into this lifetime with such a high vibration that you had to shut down because the energy of third dimensional density was too much to bear. Now is the time to re-awaken so that you can become once again the pure point of light you have always been and take your place in the world as the light-bringer you are. You are ready now to consciously embrace a new dawn for yourself and the earth at this time of global shift to a higher vibration.”

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