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Consciousness Creation

We’re travelling through a pivotal stage as control is being dismantled with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn, sign of rigidity, patriarchy and agenda. Events, opinions and proposals are becoming more ludicrous or extreme, but this also helps to wake more people up. The darkness always serves the light. It’s also a call to step up our boundaries and assert our truth, justice and clarity. We’re fighting a war on consciousness being waged through the media.

During this time of transforming fear and divide we need to discern what is happening, while at the same time not giving the emerging darkness too much attention or getting drawn in emotionally. This is more easily said than done of course and these days of darkness are sadly being experienced literally in California where the fiery skies are sometimes blocking out the sun. Day by day it’s becoming clearer what we are up against and while this is deeply concerning, it’s also an invitation to strengthen our courage and resolve.

Jupiter turned direct on 13th September and this will hopefully bring an uplift and a turning point. It also marks the beginning of the countdown towards the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the winter solstice on 21st December. While this conjunction could be about restricted movement or the ‘new abnormal’, expressed on its highest level the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius is also about unity, lift off, radical shifts in vibration and embarking on a new age of freedom. This is our birthright and this is what we will create - if not for all of us for everyone who is up for the ride! This feels like an awakening to zero point, an opportunity to create a new Earth – Uranus in Taurus.

While many people are waking up, the darkness and confusion may also intensify. During these challenging days we can focus on a tornado of light lifting us up and away like the tornado lifted up Dorothy’s house in the story of the Wizard of Oz. We can use our brain, heart and courage as we travel along the yellow brick road to the emerald city. And Oz is another key area of the world battling against injustice and heavy-handed oppression at this time.

The key planetary players in the current Astrology are Mars in fiery Aries, red bottle number 9, and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, violet bottle number 8 in the Colour Mirrors system. Red and violet are combined in bottle 12, ‘Heaven on Earth’. Here are Melissie Jolly’s words for this bottle:

“Number 12 in the Tarot is the Hangman, which shows an image of a man hanging upside down – but with this bottle the colours are the right way up: violet is above red, crown is above base and heaven is above earth, implying that everything in between is also in its proper place. Yet with this bottle you are asked to look at what you believe is not perfect about your world. What are you still judging as not heaven and therefore not Divine? Where do you judge yourself or the world as imperfect? What is keeping you from living in heaven on earth? Let this bottle show you the core beliefs that are keeping you from living your perfect life.”

In our current consciousness creation, we are turning around what has been inverted and creating a grounded safe space from which to open our crown chakra and connect to spirit instead of handing over our authority to others, to government, to the artificial ‘crown’. And it is ‘down under’ in Oz with the magical red rock of Uluru at its centre where this transformation is so acute.

Dorothy’s ruby red slippers that she took from the dictatorial witch are a symbol of revolution and how she frees the oppressed people of Oz. The secret is not to judge any of it, just step away from engaging with the dark. See it, call it out and let it dissolve into the light. And forgive ourselves for being under a spell for so long, re-claim the magical power of symbolism and our ability to manifest beauty and love.

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