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Delicate Hope

We’re emerging out of the deep, hidden waters of Scorpio and beginning to fire on all cylinders in Sagittarius. First the planetary goddess Venus lit her fire on the 16th November, swiftly followed by messenger planet Mercury the next day. On Tuesday 22nd they ignite each other’s flame at 7 Sagittarius and we open ourselves to new perspectives, opportunities and experiences.

The New Moon at 1 38 Sagittarius on Wednesday 23rd November at 22.57 GMT lifts our spirits and we can focus on our reasons to be cheerful. However, the ruler of the New Moon Jupiter being stationary and dignified or 'at home' in sensitive, mysterious Pisces at this time gives us a clear message.

We’re being asked to go within, to trust in our ‘not knowing’ or our ‘inner knowing’ that all will emerge in its own good time - though there may well be a sense of vulnerability or being in limbo. The posturing on the political and celebrity stage is becoming both more threatening and more ridiculous, but we hope and understand these are also signs of our collective story reaching a crescendo.

The Priestess Vesta moves into Pisces on Sunday 20th November, presenting an invitation to let go and relax into our feminine receptivity and creativity. Intuition, vision, even inner bliss could be themes at this time.

All this Sagittarius and Pisces may bring bubbles of joy and delicate hope, and at the same time we may feel we need to balance any ‘hopium’ and ‘happy, happy, happy’ energy by staying grounded, discerning and realistic.

Spiritual by-passing just won’t wash any longer and we’re integrating light and dark and balancing both sides of our nature, the animal human and the divine human. These past few years have been about integrating our collective and personal shadow, re-claiming our power and taking responsibility for our lives and choices, even if we had to insist on it. We can also look at our own personal patterns and issues that we’re ready to move beyond now.

Pluto is dredging through the last degrees of Capricorn until it lifts up into Aquarius on the 23rd March 2023. While this could bring more threats of technological control, or reveal corruption in the system, it will also be about stepping out of the box and will bring immense people power.

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