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Eruption of Instincts

The New Moon in Aries on Monday 12th April at 2.30 am GMT marks the beginning of the Astrological year in that the energy really gathers pace now. This year’s New Moon packs an almighty punch as along with the Sun and Moon in fiery, dynamic Aries, we also have Venus, Mercury and Chiron. The asteroids Ceres and Eris are in Aries too. And this energy of activity, pushback and courage comes up against Pluto in Capricorn, representing control, hierarchy and the status quo. Set for the UK the planet Pluto is angular on the Ascendant of the New Moon chart so this is the energy that is presented and shows itself to the world. However, the forceful influence of the planets in Aries is gathering momentum and firepower in the area of the chart to do with self-worth, commerce and business.

Ceres shows how we nurture ourselves and in Aries we find a sense of sustenance and support through action, movement and expression. Also, we have Venus in Aries in a totally exact square to Pluto which describes the expression of anger or even the end of the road in any relationships which may feature manipulation, power play or abusive elements. On a personal level we may need to express our feelings or anger about how we feel we have been treated or betrayed and restore balance, respect and harmony in our relationships.

Eris is the energy of the outraged feminine or instinctual energy who has been excluded, badly treated or betrayed and during the months following this New Moon we could witness huge anger on a collective level as inflammatory information and political agendas are revealed. This gathering of planets in Aries really blows the lid off the conventional narrative and could lead to volcanic political eruption. A few of us may need to be discerning about the timed release of news aimed to distract from the key issues and political agenda. The challenge is how to channel this forceful e-motion, or energy in motion, to create effective change and freedom.

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