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Reflections and flow

A woman in red (Mars) by the sea (Pisces). Mars moved into Pisces yesterday and the warrior planet lays his sword to rest. We can let go of the battle and the conflict. This placement could be interpreted as action on behalf of spirit, doing what you feel is right. It could also be considered a balancing in terms of divine masculine and feminine, bringing a sense of flow, release and peacefulness, an unfolding to what is.

Mars in Pisces can indicate a weakening of vitality on a collective level especially when it gets near to Neptune during the first part of June as some are a bit tired of this transition we're navigating. It's about reflection, going within and the healing power of water. I have a male friend with Mars in Pisces who said he cried in the bath this morning.…there could be a certain sadness with this placement and the colour combination of red and turquoise can be about feeling separated from one’s ‘tribe’ and needing to integrate ‘old’ with ‘new’ spirituality.

A couple of days ago Venus in Gemini turned retrograde, also bringing a more reflective phase on a collective level. It connects to the Lovers tarot card. It's about exploring relationship dynamics and clearing up issues in relationships, particularly over being understood / misunderstood and communicating our feelings and intentions clearly.

The emphasis on planets in mutable signs such as Gemini and Pisces are accompanied by more movement and easing, although the challenge is around accepting the lack of control and unpredictability implicit in the collective challenges we are all facing.

The regal planet Jupiter in Capricorn also turned retrograde yesterday and will be stationary until Sunday putting the emphasis on this energy of caution and hesitation on a collective level for months to come. It indicates the need for faith that can move mountains combined with being grounded and taking responsibility.

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  • Amanda Bradbury
  • Amanda Bradbury
  • Amanda Bradbury