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The Wheel of Fortune

With Saturn, Pluto and even Mars moving signs this month, March 2023 will be a game-changing month, bringing big shifts and the beginnings of deep societal change that will fully emerge over the coming months and years.

We’re approaching the spring equinox which will represent an especially strong activation and awakening this year partly because it takes place within a day of the Aries New Moon. There will be a real sense of a fresh start and a new turning of the wheel.

Jupiter is racing through Aries, increasing the rapid pace of change. Today it connects with the benefic Venus, planet of love and relationships, and then the healer teacher Chiron, opening our hearts and bringing expanded consciousness, opportunity and abundance. The door to the ancient mysteries swings open in 2023, sacred number 7 and year of Initiation.

We’re being called to nurture these delicate new beginnings, gather our courage and ingenuity and step into the unknown and as yet unformed.

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